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Is this service necessary for my party?

Yes! The holidays are always a festive time at my house. The ability to safely visit family members and catch up during this challenging pandemic has been a pleasure. Yet, the burden of preparing, setting up the food, cleaning the house, and wondering if anyone would notice if I threw away all of the dishes remind me of why I started ALD Event Solutions seven years ago. Enjoy your event and let us take care of everything else is the marketing tag that makes us so successful. As the years have progressed, many people are still unclear about the role of waitstaff and their value. Many think it is only needed for significant events or a super expensive add-on with a large catering company. While larger catering companies provide staff at a contracted cost, many people host residential gatherings or events with limited venue space, increasing the need for additional event help at private functions.

What is waitstaff?

The concept of waitstaff includes waiters and waitresses collectively. Pre-pandemic, there were roughly 12.3 million people still employed in the service industry, according to the National Restaurant Association. These are the people that make both attending and hosting events easier! The role of waitstaff includes all of the waiters, waitresses, or servers that work for various venues or companies hired to assist with taking orders, delivering food and drinks, and some even help with processing payments.

The waitstaff is the event help that provides these extra hands at parties and special events by setting up, serving food and drinks, clearing away used dishes and glassware, and returning the venue to its original state. These smaller events like residential parties or quaint wedding receptions with minimal catering or self-prepared food are great opportunities to hire additional help. Although waitstaff providers will have different packages and services, when considering a service provider, be sure to consider critical factors beyond price.

Waitstaff More Than Just Price

On average, a typical waitstaff provider will charge between $20-and $50 an hour. The total cost of hiring waitstaff will depend on seasonality, the size of your event, the number of workers you need, the type of service required and any travel fees. Trending currently with DIY weddings and events, waitstaff can help ensure that all aspects of serving food and self-service drink stations run smoothly. As a rule of thumb, plan to hire (1) waitstaff for every (25) guest for a simple menu or standard buffet. The great news is most companies will provide a complimentary consultation to walk through your service requirements and answer questions.

Waitstaff Create An Experience

Consider factors such as: How long has this vender been in business? Seniority in this business speaks volumes about the ability to service various events. Ask questions about how the company started and how they plan to staff the event successfully. Though many underestimate the skill level associated with the service industry, proper training is essential. Be sure to ask your waitstaff provider about critical certifications.

Many states require bartending services and caterers to have liquor licenses to prepare and serve alcoholic beverages. Waitstaff may also need a safe food-handling certificate. ServSafe Manager certification from the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe program is critical as they provide food safety training, exams and educational materials to food-service managers.

Don’t Ignore Reviews

Waitstaff providers that pride themselves on service will always be the best way to go when making a selection. Honest reviews about service are more important than tips in this industry. These digital recommendations based on experience make an impact on consumers. Consumers will often trust online reviews just as personal recommendations from friends and family members. According to,91% of 18-34 year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions.


Consider a  vendor with liability insurance, primarily if your event will be held in a private venue or facility. Liability insurance provides protection insurance against claims resulting from injuries and damage to other people or property.

How to Hire Event Help and Wait Staff

  •  Look for experience: Remember it’s essential to hire certified staff; make sure your staffing provider has the correct certification for the services you need and your venue. Experienced staff will help to create seamless service experiences.
  •  Outline Your Event Goals: Identify the services you will need while speaking with your service provider. Minimizing the details of what you need will reduce your associated costs but ultimately hurt the assistance necessary to make your event a success. Consider the timing or when you would like for things to happen, services, and unique party elements.
  •    Look at reviews: Reviews will help you discover high-quality, reliable staffers with a reputation for excellence.
  •     Review the contracts carefully– Be sure all details discussed are in agreement. Make sure you are clear on deposit and final payment deadlines as well.
  •     Use a vendor site– the fastest and easiest way to find local waitstaff is to use dedicated sites such as Thumbtack or Gig Salad and provide At-A-Glance information on waitstaff providers. These companies allow you to enter details of your event, search providers, and get free estimates for your required services.


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